Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Titanium Wedding Ring Sets

He has asked you to marry him and you have said yes. From that moment, wedding preparations begin, and one of the first things that every marrying couple takes into account is choosing a wedding ring.

Because your wedding is always a special moment, you need to choose carefully your wedding ring. Besides the design, one other thing that you should give particular attention to is its durability, and whether or not that particular kind of ring goes well with your skin color. Some couples are spending so much time and effort in choosing the perfect wedding ring set, and you should, too. Once you have begun the choosing process, you will realize that it is not easy at all.

You and your partner should decide once and for all if you would rather have your rings in gold, white gold, yellow gold, platinum or titanium. Each has certain advantages, but if both of you love adventure, a good choice would be the Titanium wedding ring sets because they are especially made for the bold and the adventurous. Its look and adjustability made it almost next to perfect if used in wedding ceremonies.

There are many kinds of sets. This set so far is the most popular among them. This ring type is a good choice, especially if you are going to wear a diamond engagement ring alongside it. Gold and diamond wedding rings are also popular, but if you want something different, then this set should suit you perfectly.

The Titanium wedding ring is easy to customize and you can apply a specially cut on it for the perfect fit. Its clarity is very pleasant to look at. For Japanese people, the Titanium Mokume wedding ring won its popularity as it very well suits their taste.

By Dwayne Van Den Heuvel

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Pros & Cons Of Titanium Jewelry

Let's talk about titanium jewelry, we will cover the pros and cons and hopefully open up new options for you. Titanium was discovered in 1791, by William Gregor. On the Periodic Table, Titanium is symbolized by Ti. Titanium has gradually made a name for itself over the years, being used in a multitude of products. Titanium has been used in everything from aircrafts to human medical implants. It wasn't until the late 70's early 80's that titanium made its way into the fashion industry.

Titanium is very light and extremely durable, making it an ideal candidate for wearable jewelry. It is now made into eyeglass frames, bracelets, watches, rings, and earrings. Because it is so light, wearing titanium is almost like wearing nothing. The first titanium pieces were not overly attractive, as they were gunmetal gray in color. Granted, that specific color has its niche in the world; most buyers would not be attracted to its bland appearance. As with most products, time and technology improved on it.


One of the pros to owning a titanium piece is that less people seem to have an allergic reaction to it than gold alloys. This could be because it is not as mainstream as gold or white gold pieces. If you have not been able to wear gold alloy jewelry, titanium may be a suitable alternative for you. As I have said before, titanium is extremely lightweight. This is great for people who don't wear jewelry because of its weight or bulkiness. You cannot begin to understand how light it is until you have touched it for yourself. I suggest walking into your local jewelry store and asking to see a 10mm gold wedding band and a 10 mm titanium band at the same time. Once you have one in each hand you will feel the difference. Another pro is the durability; it is virtually indestructible through normal wear. Unlike gold alloys that wear down over years of normal use, titanium will hold strong showing very little wear over the years. Selection is another pro for titanium, as the styles have improved immensely since the first consumer pieces available. Titanium is now set with stones, die cut, paired with gold or white gold; so finding a suitable/fashionable piece is no longer an issue. Titanium is not rare, so the price is very affordable. Affordable, stylish jewelry is not always easy to come by, so this is a great alternative for the budget conscious buyer.


Since titanium is so durable, it is very difficult if not impossible to resize. This is bad for someone whose weight fluctuates. This is also a big drawback if you are using it for a wedding band. If you plan to own the piece for your entire life, your weight will change for the better or worse over the course of years. It is not possible to make the rings smaller, but it is possible to buff some of the excess metal away from the inside to make is a tiny bit larger. If it is scratched, not all jewelry stores are equipped to buff out scratches. Minor issues with the ring will most likely require the piece be sent out for repair. Titanium can be cut off in an emergency, but it may take a little longer than a gold or platinum ring. Most all hospitals and jewelry stores are equipped with a tool to handle such emergencies.

You could go on about titanium for days, and still not say all that could be said for it. With any luck at all this will help you make an informed purchase. Check out for inexpensive titanium jewelry. Their styles are limited but very inexpensive; they have some small pieces to get your titanium collection started.

By Zakeri Young